Downgrade Baseband 6.15.00 To 5.13.04 On iPhone 3GS, 3G With Unlock and GPS Fix Will Be Possible Soon

Thanks to MuscleNerd, iPhone 3GS and 3G users will be soon able to downgrade baseband 6.15.00 to any lower BB including 5.13.04 which means that you would be able to unlock your phone with working GPS. According to famous iOS hacker, he has made significant progress on 06.15 and all the pieces are there to get it unlocked.

Update: Downgrading BB 06.15.00 is now possible with the new Redsn0w. Follow our detailed guide at this link.

Baseband Downgrade 06.15.00

People who are unaware about the famous baseband 06.15.00 should know that this is actually an iPad BB which can be installed on iPhone 3GS and 3G over BB 5.16.05 ( which can’t be unlocked) with a particular method. This method can be found here. Fortunately, modem firmware 6.15.00 can be unlocked with Ultrasn0w but with a catch. The drawback of this procedure is that your phone GPS would no longer work after installing 06.15.00. Many developers and hackers including MuscleNerd have been trying to fix this issue from long time but they didn’t succeed until recently.

Here are the recent Tweets from MuscleNerd.

Made great progress yesterday on downgrade from BB 06.15 (for 3G/3GS owners who got officially unlocked). All the pieces are there :)

@eriksmets Yep! This lets you downgrade 3G/3GS from 06.15.00 to any prior BB (05.13.04 would be good pick: ultrasn0w + GPS both)

You would be interested to know that what iPhone 3GS and 3G users can achieve when this procedure comes online. After getting the ability to downgrade from baseband 6.15.00, you can move to any older BB which can be unlocked with Ulrasn0w. 05.13.04 should be a good choice because it’s the latest supported baseband by Ultrasn0w after 06.15.00 and your device GPS will start working again on this modem firmware. You can also choose other basebands like 05.12.01 and 05.11.07.

Lets see when the solution will come online. We’ll keep you updated.

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