Free Online iPhone IMEI Checker To Check SIM Lock Status, Carrier And Warranty

Wouldn’t you love to have an online IMEI checker tool for your iPhone which tell you plethora of details about your phone model like SIM Lock Status, Warranty, Carrier, state of repairs and service coverage and many more helpful information? We’re quite sure that many Apple device owners would be looking for such online tool. That’s why we’re providing this iPhone IMEI checker on our blog so our readers can get all the information about their phones right here for free.

AT&T USA Lock Status IMEI Check

Scroll below to check carriers other than AT&T.
Update: If you think that your phone is locked to AT&T then you can verify it by telling us your IMEI number in comments. AT&T IMEI checker is no longer working.

AT&T USA iPhone Unlock Service

This unlock service is for AT&T USA iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. All basebands and iOS versions are supported. Delivery time is 24-48 hours usually but in some cases it might take 72 hours. All you need to do is to pay us $25 via Paypal and give us your IMEI. If we don’t get your IMEI then we’ll contact you on your Paypal Email Address to get it. If we fail to unlock your phone, you’ll be fully refunded.

Enter iPhone IMEI

IMEI Check Service

Update: Apple has restricted access to its IMEI Database for carrier checking. Only AT&T USA database is directly accessible. Now you can buy our IMEI checking service via Paypal. We’ll provide you carrier name, purchased country and many other details of your iPhone via Email. If you send us wrong or blacklisted IMEI or if we don’t get your carrier name then we’ll refund you the money. We’ll give you all information within 24 hours. In some circumstances it might take 48 hours. If you’ve any question you can ask about it in comments or via contact form.
Add your IMEI from “Note to Seller” option in Paypal. If you can’t find it, simply send us the money and we’ll ask you the IMEI number by contacting you via Paypal Email Address.

IMEI Check Prices

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15 digits number assigned to every mobile equipment. This number is assigned during production process. You can get it  by heading over to Settings > General > About.
We’ll provide following information about your device.

  • Model
  • Repairs and Service Coverage
  • Telephone Technical Suport
  • Device ID
  • Country Code
  • Purchase Country
  • Warranty Type
  • Expiration Date of Warranty
  • Sell Type
  • Activation
  • Registered
  • Activation Date
  • iOS Version
  • Carrier Name
  • Simlock Status

We’re sure that you’ll use this online tool for number of purposes. Previously, we told you about a software program which gave you almost the same details which we mentioned in above list but you had to download it on your Computer first. With this iPhone Checker, you can save yourself from doing a lot of steps. Do tell us about the performance of this program in comments section.

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