How To Install Siri Dictation On iPad 1, 2 With DictationPad

iPad 1 and 2 users would be feeling that they should also have Siri Dictation feature like The New iPad 3. We would like to say such users that your wish has come true because of DictationPad. You should be thankful to rud0lf77 who spent his precious time to develop this app. As usual, this tweak is now available in favorite unofficial app store of jailbreakers aka Cydia.

After installing DictationPad, you’ll see a microphone symbol on the left side of the spacebar key. It’s worth noting that the developer used the wide space of spacebar instead of adding new dictation key. If you’ve a good memory, you might remember that when Apple introduced dictation feature in The New iPad 3, it added an extra key adjacent to the spacebar key.

You don’t need to perform extra configurations after installation process. It’ll sit on your iPad keyboard and all you’ve to do is to tap on microphone symbol. After a beep it’ll start recording your voice. During listening process, status bar will turn itself into red color indicating that DictationPad is now active and you can dictate whatever you want. You just need to speak and your words will be displayed on iPad’s screen. Tap again on the Microphone to stop dictation.

You can download this app for free from Cydia. It’s present in Modmyi repository in Cydia. Keep in mind that it requires iOS 5 or later version and Siri installed. You can get Siri functionality by installing Spire tweak. Like Apple’s iPad 3 Siri Dictation, DictationPad also requires an active Internet Connection.

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