How to Use Or Restore Saved SAM iPhone Unlock Activation Ticket On Any Baseband

Although, Apple has patched SAM unlock method, people who saved or backed up SAM iPhone activation ticket can still unlock their device on that particular unofficial SIM even if they’ve restored their phone. Folks, who are in such situation might be wondering how they can use this activation ticket. In order to help such people, we’re going to cover two different methods. You can choose the one which suits you.

Firstly, we will cover the easiest process.

Method 1: Use Cookie App

This app tries to make this procedure as simple as possible. In order to use “Cookie”, you should have jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed. Install it on your phone from Bigboss repository and with a single tap you can backup or restore activation. If you tap on”Backup Activation” button, the unlock ticket along with the UDID and IMSI numbers will be saved on Weiphone server.

If you’ve lost your unlock, just tap on “Restore Activation” button, the server will match both UDID and IMSI numbers and your phone will be unlocked.

Method 2

This process is for those people who don’t want to use iFile or some other Cydia file manager to restore SAM unlock activation ticket and they backed up ticket files on the Computer. This method will use File explorer installed on your Computer to access iPhone files.

1. Before proceeding further, make sure that you’ve activation files backed up already on your Computer in “Zip” file. That Zip file should contain “Lockdown” folder. Insert unofficial SIM in your phone and connect it to your Computer.

2. Now, in order to navigate files in your iPhone, download some file explorer program like WinSCP or iExplorer. For this particular tutorial we’re using iExplorer. Download it from here for Windows or Mac.

3. Head over to the following directory in your phone.


4. Here, you’ll see a folder named as “Lockdown”. Backup this folder somewhere else safe on your Computer. This step is just to make this process more safe. If something happens, you can use this folder to restore default activation ticket.

5. Now delete “Lockdown” folder.

6. Navigate to SAM activation ticket you backed up when you unlocked your phone with SAM. This is the same zipped folder about which we told you in step 1. The backup is not necessary to be in zip format. It can be a simple folder too. If it’s compressed in “Zip” or “Rar” format, extract it and rename it to “Lockdown”.

7. Copy extracted folder in below directory.


8. If you haven’t uninstalled SAM yet then delete the file mentioned below in /User/Library/Preferences directory.


It’ll help in avoiding any conflict.

9. Finally, reboot your iPhone. You’ll see signal bars appearing. Congratulations! Your iPhone has been successfully restored with SAM iPhone unlock activation ticket.

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